Hooking Up to Handle Spring Events With a Holiday Call Center

Hooking Up to Handle Spring Events With a Holiday Call Center

Every retailer needs call center support, especially during the biggest shopping seasons of the year. Spring holidays (St. Patrick’s Day, Passover, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) sneak up on the customers who rush to place last minute orders for everything they absolutely need to celebrate their holiday. Business owners, especially online retailers, caterers and restaurant owners, need extra phone help. Spring also signals Prom Season, high school and college graduation events and the wedding industry’s busiest time of the year. Is your hotel support desk overwhelmed by calls from college students asking about room availability? Holiday call center support for Spring Break is a phone call away.Any company supporting special events needs the help of a telephone customer service specialist that can keep up with fast sales and changing customer plans. When your company ramps up for any holiday and special occasion season, outsourcing some or all of your sales, customer service and support can increase your sales and improve customer relationship management. If you’re an internet retailer or small business currently offering an email-only option for customer service, hiring a vendor is your best way to increase shopper confidence and closing that sale. Outsourced holiday support helps any business relying on customer and guest phone calls manage their holiday season: retail, hotels, restaurants and hospitality, travel agencies, special event ticketing and much more.

Your business can get outsourced, 24-hour professional live agents to answer your calls. Holiday call centers agents take orders, answer questions about product details and shipping information, and track orders. Agents can also RSVP party and event guests, and answer questions about holiday hours. Accountants, lawyers, nonprofits and other businesses experience huge increases in phone traffic during the fourth quarter, and a holiday call center can help offices effectively respond to client calls more quickly, while still getting year-end work done.Holiday call center statistics on each and every call are available to clients, and fast reporting means that you will always be on top of every sale and every situation. You’ll only receive live calls that you choose, and you can have holiday call center message alerts sent to your pager, cell phone, or e-mail for a more discreet retrieval. It’s important to choose a holiday call center that will always answer lines in your company’s name, always maintaining your company’s brand image and in the spirit of the holidays!Your holiday call center sends orders and messages accurately and reliably, and you’ll never have to worry about missed or dropped calls. Having a live representative available to answer customer questions and place orders makes the online shopping experience more reliable, and you’ll dramatically convert abandoned shopping carts to sales through your holiday call center.Finding a holiday call center to effectively represent your company involves shopping around for the best service providing the best value. Great phone support providers openly advertise their rates and never charge more for their services during the holiday season. They’ll also tell you about their hiring process and training program: an excellent vendor will focus on hiring friendly, intelligent agents and give them at least 40 hours of customer service call center training and orientation. Picking a vendor that provides you with references in your industry is crucial: you can easily find out from a business if they were happy with their service and find out the straight facts on your holiday call center’s call answer rate, reliability, and customer service experience.

Your holiday call center can manage calls dealing with hundreds of feet of green St. Patrick’s Day ribbon, thousands of orders of Passover dinner supplies kosher for Passover catering, Easter egg dye removal tricks, spectacular Easter Bonnet orders, wedding favors, prom limo reservations, accurate graduation gift customization and anything your customers need to show their love for Mom and Dad. Holiday support providers help you deal with the holiday rush and enjoy the holidays: live operators will answer your calls 24 hours a day and help you push through the holiday season. Why should you wait for the next holiday to begin to get the phone support your business needs?

Robert Porter is the President and CEO of 1-800 We Answer Answering Service, a full service telecommunications company providing a complete range of answering service, call center, voice mail, fax, mail receiving, order taking, telemarketing and phone system services to businesses and individuals.