Unique New Styles of Holiday Cards to Fit Anyone’s Taste

Unique New Styles of Holiday Cards to Fit Anyone’s Taste

Holiday cards have run the gamut since they were first commercially printed in 1843. Ranging from solemn, religious messages to hysterically outrageous caricatures of Santa Claus, greeting cards are a way to let loved ones know they are being thought of during the holiday season. From the ornate Victorian greeting to ecards sent over the internet, the use of cards is on the increase as many families find they are unable to afford extensive travel this holiday season.There are so many varieties to choose from today, understanding what is currently available can help you select the holiday card best suited to your interests, personal style, holiday message, and budget. Popular choices include pocket cards, photo greeting cards, collages, specialty die cut cards, and buyers can even find choices made from recycled paper that send an environmental message this holiday season.Put Your Picture In A Holiday PocketPocket cards are a great way to include a family photograph with your holiday message. Wrap up your greeting in an elegant pocket, great simple colors that surrounds your photo and are beautifully sealed on the outside with an enticing label. These types of photo greeting cards add color and dimension to your holiday greetings. Elegant and simple, photo greeting cards can be made to convey any message you prefer with customized personalization and the photograph of your choice.

These types of cards are a wonderful way to share a family portrait, an embarrassing moment, or a memorable occasion that occurred during the year. Let family and friends see just how much the kids have grown and don’t be afraid to let those grey hairs show! Families do not get to visit with each other as much as many would like when separated by continents, time zones, and busy schedules. Photo greeting cards are a great way to reconnect during the holiday season!Create A Classy Christmas CollageAnother great way to use family photographs in your holiday correspondence is to create a Christmas collage. They use a collection of your photographs attractively displayed on a holiday card. You select the color scheme to showcase your photographs and add a personalized message of Christmas cheer and wishes for a Happy New Year.Recycled Cards Show You CareRecycled holiday cards are not made from cutouts of previous year’s cards. Recycled cards demonstrate your concern and care for the planet and future generations by using recycled paper instead of new paper to make your holiday cards. Instead of cutting down trees, you reduce waste paper that would otherwise end up in landfills with these cards. What better way to spread the holiday message of goodwill to all this holiday season?Specialty Cards: A Cut AboveSpecialty die-cut holiday cards feature unique designs cut in with razor-sharp blades that create something truly unique and memorable. You can send stockings, Christmas trees, or any of dozens of other shaped Christmas cards this year. The photo greeting card versions proudly display your photograph in a star or other holiday shape, which will be unlike any other holiday cards your family or friends will receive.4 x 8 Photo Greeting CardsSimple and affordable, 4 x 8 photo greeting cards allow you to select the photograph of your choice and have it printed with you personalized message of Christmas joy. The nicely sized options are perfect for those on a budget who want a special way to connect with family and friends without emptying their bank account.Ornament CardsOrnament cards allow you to send a holiday card that also serves as a Christmas tree decoration. Your family photograph is framed in a black ring, with the year and your family name etched in silver, boasting a rich, red ribbon from which your holiday card can be hung, year after year, on the recipient’s Christmas tree. For many families, ornament holiday cards are a tradition that chronicles changing hairstyles, wardrobes, and waistlines, creating a conversation piece and a bit of a family history timeline. Looking back at these ornaments each season offers memories of wonderful times and a few giggles, too.

Colors Galore!Nothing spreads the holiday message better than the deep, bright reds and greens of the season, the blue and silver of winter, and the elegant gold of personalized Christmas cards. Background colors, borders, and custom lettering all work together to create a card like no one else’s.New graphic art and camera technologies make the internet an excellent place to go for ordering greeting cards for every holiday or season. Whatever your budget, style, or Christmas tradition, cards are an excellent way to let loved ones know they are in your heart and thoughts this holiday season.

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