It’s the Time of Year For Holiday Weight Gain – How Learn Great Diet Tips to Keep on Track!

It’s the Time of Year For Holiday Weight Gain – How Learn Great Diet Tips to Keep on Track!

Well it is that time of season again when we start to worry about Holiday Weight Gain. All those large meals, amazing desserts, snacks, treats and so many other temptations will make those attempts to have holiday weight loss a true challenge. For many of us we are more likely to have holiday weight gain instead of actual loss yet you might not be totally at fault here. Behind the scenes your body is plotting against you!What is your body up to now?Okay, I have a couple quick questions for you.
Have you ever noticed that you seem hungrier during this time of the year?
Have you had weight gain even though you felt you were keeping to your diet?
If you have then your body is only doing what human genetics is telling it to do. By being on a diet at this time of the year you are just picking a fight with your body and it plans on winning. What you are fighting against is the evolution of mankind itself. Early man realized that there was less food during the winter months. The solution to the problem was to store what we could of items that would not spoil and bulk up (gain weight). Even though the lack of food is no longer an issue for many of the people of the world, our bodies still realize that winter is coming and starts to prepare.

How Do You Prevent Holiday Weight Gain?I am not going to tell you to skip those special occasions at this time of the year. This is the time for all of us to meet and enjoy our time together and not be constantly worrying about our weight. Can you still have holiday weight loss and enjoy the holidays? Yes you can and you don’t have to skimp on the turkey or stuffing either. You don’t even have to skip breakfast or lunch, in fact I would suggest you don’t skip any meal, before or after. Pigging out (sorry about the term) during the holidays will not destroy your diet. You don’t need to worry about one week of over eating, it is the other 51 weeks that you need to remain true to the diet. Sure, overeating that one week might slow down your weight loss or cause some weight gain, but if you get straight back on your diet, it will not be an issue.Sometimes, it is not the meal itself that is the biggest temptation to your diet but all of the treats and snacks that are spread out. This is the time of the year when chocolates, baked goods and other holiday favourites come out to play. These are the hardest to resist so don’t but be aware of how much you are consuming.Here are some diet tips to help you through the holidays if you are tempted to overindulge.

Avoid (or limit to one per occasion) those high calorie drinks – Special liquor drinks, high sugar sodas, juices, dessert coffees and sports drinks add a lot of calories and during the holidays you don’t need all these adding to the meals. Drink tea or a glass of water if you need more than one of these high calorie drinks.

Avoid Fast Food during the holidays – Eating at fast food restaurants at anytime is not good for a diet but is very bad during a time when you are enjoying all those holiday meals. Fast Food will often provide enough calories in one meal to meet your daily needs. Just avoid them during this time and give your diet a fighting chance.

Snack on fruits and vegetables – If you feel like snacking during the holidays between meals try some of your favourite fruits and vegetables. They are high in fibre and help you lose weight and provides you with positive effects on your overall health

Try snacking on almonds or walnuts (if you are not allergic) – They provide a good source of fibre, protein and monounsaturated fats and help curb hunger.

Make an extra effort to get in some workouts – It is difficult to plan workouts during the holidays as you expect to eat more and exercise less. Plan time for your workouts when ever you can and stick to that schedule

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