The Way to Redesign Your Home

The Way to Redesign Your Home

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it is just about time to start thinking about your holiday decorating. Many people seem to go overboard, and by the time they are done the house tends to look like a pile of decorations rather than the well decorated space they want to achieve. Decorating the home is a fine art, art takes preparation, and time should be taken to carefully decide where the decorations will be placed. In addition, you will want to develop a theme for your holiday decorating. Themes are always fun because you can select a favorite Christmas bulb, a stocking, or a color scheme you love. Build our holiday décor around a theme and you can’t go wrong. Here are some ideas on how to effectively decorate your home for the holidays without overdoing it.Top Tips to Decorating for the Holidays1. Keep it Simple – There is no need to clutter your home with decorations. A few simple pieces placed with consideration around the house will transform your house into a sophisticated, chic environment for the holidays. Simple does not mean boarding. Look for pieces that highlight what you already have so you are getting the best look for your home for the holidays. For example, if you have boos cream curtains, wouldn’t gold and green decorations look great in the room? If you have a wonderful fireplace. Try adding one piece at time. When it comes to decorating as a few strategically placed pieces can tie your home together. While some may think it is okay to go overboard, this is definitely a case where less is more.

2. Choose a Theme – Holiday decorations do not have to be a combination of all colors associated with the holiday. For better décor, choosing a few complementary colors – such as maroon and gold or blue and silver, peach with chartreuse – will add dimension to your home along with uniformity. Choose your color theme then repeat the color in various textures and forms will keep the theme uniform throughout the home to make the decorations flow throughout the rooms. Accent pieces, ornaments and lights should all reflect the color theme you choose. You can change the theme every year or just add new accent pieces to your existing theme if you do not want to purchase all new décor.3. Add Holiday Scents to the Rooms – There are plenty of ways to do this. You can place bowls of colorful scented potpourri around the room or burn candles that match your color theme. The scents will add a dimension to the room that just screams out holiday season. Best of all, these items will not take away from your décor or your theme, they will only contribute to the theme you are building for the holidays. These accents can be placed in the smaller areas of your house such as bathrooms and on the table in a hallway.

4. Final Tip: Don’t forget your office or workspace. We spend 60-70 percent of our day at our office so why not decorate your corporate or workspace space for the holidays? Simply follow the design tips above in your office and you can’t go wrong bringing a little holiday cheer and design to your office space, lobby, or home workspace.Decorating for the holidays is a great way to show your holiday spirit. Following the tips given will allow you to redesign your beautiful space for the holidays without going overboard with decorations. Invite your family and friends over and share the holiday spirit with them.Get your house in the holiday spirit with Inspired Designs.

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