6 Holiday Weight Loss Tips You Have to Read in Order

6 Holiday Weight Loss Tips You Have to Read in Order

The holidays are the worst time of year for weight loss. The reasons are many: we are less active, there are many dinners, there are a lot of holiday dishes which are very fattening, and we are on a holiday which means we have more time to ourselves, more time to eat.Many people gain between 5 — 10 pounds during the holidays: a massive amount. Others simply see their diets destroyed. This is why I wrote this article, to make sure this thing doesn’t happen to you.Here are 6 Holiday Weight Loss Tips to help you avoid gaining useless holiday pounds:Tip #1. Remain active — Most of us are very inactive during the holidays. We’re with our family, and it’s winter which makes it hard to go outdoors. But being active isn’t just exercising at the gym. It’s building a snow man (if you have snow), playing with the children in your family which can get you to burn a lot of calories, taking some walks with family and friends and any other activity you can think about.

Tip # 2. Try every dish but don’t overdo things — There are so many tasty holiday dishes that it’s impossible not to try them. And you should try them. The holidays come just once a year and you should enjoy them. But in order to avoid overeating, I suggest that you take a small portion of each of your favorite dishes at the beginning of the meal and not eat them one after the other. Eating one dish after the other will cause you to eat much more. In the way I suggest, you eat your fill and not miss out on any dish.Tip # 3. Limit your eggnog — Eggnog is very tasty, and you shouldn’t cut it out completely, but eggnog is also very fattening. It has a ton of calories. Don’t overdo it with the eggnog.Tip # 4. Eat snacks between meals — The holidays have some huge meals, and we naturally try not to eat between meals so we have room in our stomach for all the dishes. This is a mistake since our body does better if we eat 4-5 small meals than 3 big ones. If you come to a holiday dinner too hungry, you’ll end up binging. When you binge, your body can’t handle all the food and it turns most of it into fat. Eat some snacks between meals and you’ll do better.

Tip #5. Eat vegetables and fruit — Many people avoid eating vegetables and fruit in order to leave more room for holiday dishes. Don’t be one of them. Vegetables and fruit are essential to maintaining a healthy diet. They also serve as perfect snack for tip# 4.Tip #6. Keep yourself busy — Many people overeat during the holidays simply because they’re too bored. Keep yourself busy by reading a good book, spending time with friends and family, going out whenever you can, and you won’t gain those useless pounds.I wish happy holidays to you and your family. Follow the 6 holiday weight loss tips I’ve outlines above and your holidays will be healthy and dietetic.

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